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Press Release 12/09/2021

For Immediate Release 

Texas Liberty Alliance PAC

Cypress Texas

RE: Dan Crenshaw "grifter" comments at the TLA Fireside Chat  12/05/2021

The Texas Liberty Alliance PAC (aka TLA) is a grassroots conservative political organization in Harris County with the mission of providing voters opportunities to directly interact with conservative political candidates. We aspire to provide a consistent and unified choice of conservative candidates to Texas voters in the general election that support constitutional freedoms, lower taxes, small government and shared prosperity based on conservative economic policies.

A short video segment of comments from Congressman Dan Crenshaw from our event on Sunday, December 5th has become viral on social media and has been widely reported in national news outlets.  In regard to the substance of Congressman Crenshaw’s comments that have gained wide attention, the TLA acknowledges that our friend Dan has been the subject of relentless unwarranted and factually incorrect attacks regarding his record on red flag laws, immunization databases, and his conservative voting record in general.  While we are not surprised by his comments at our event, the substance of his statements were not coordinated or provided to the TLA prior to the event.  Congressman Crenshaw’s comments were based on facts that are publicly available in regards to the voting records of the 115th Congress. He has assured the TLA that his broader criticism about "grifters" was not directed at the Freedom Caucus, but more generally toward those Congressman Crenshaw feels mischaracterized recent votes in Congress to boost their readership or fundraising.

The TLA supports fact-based policy arguments and open debate.  We support Congressman Crenshaw in his efforts to build a strong conservative movement and recognize the value of his leadership in the future of the Republican Party.  We would encourage conservative political candidates to avoid personal attacks on each other and to ultimately unify around policy prescriptions that counteract the disastrous policies of the Democratic Biden administration and of Harris County which have been so detrimental to our community.